Louisiana College: Calvinism No, Misogyny Yes

Part of the argument that I have been making about Louisiana College over the last several weeks is that the Calvinism issue at LC is a distraction. The real issue goes back to what I pointed out in my open letter two years ago. There are deep spiritual and academic issues at LC.

“The ultimate woman’s body piercing”

A former colleague at LC recently forwarded to me an e-mail that had been sent out in the Fall of 2010 to several faculty and staff members at LC.  This e-mail was sent by a former Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) who is now working at Brewton-Parker College , a Southern Baptist College in Georgia. This e-mail was sent to 40 LC faculty and staff including 12 women, all the Vice Presidents and President Aguillard. The e-mail was simple. The Subject line read, “The ultimate woman’s body piercing” and the body included the text, “I apologize for this ahead of time.” and the image to the right. The list wasn’t even discriminating of people with whom he had a relationship. I had at that point had one short meeting with the VPAA and I was included on the list.

What I find so fascinating about this is that according to some reports this VPAA was forced out of LC two years later due to butting heads with the same Calvinists who are currently being targeted at LC. More importantly though, there was absolutely no back-lash for sending out such an offensive e-mail. I do know that one male faculty member let the VPAA know that he was offended by the e-mail but other than that nothing. I would have expected, at the very least, that this VPAA be forced to send out an apology e-mail. Nothing. At the time, he was a brand new VPAA at LC and was politically on the in. That is all that really matters at LC. Are you in the favor of the power that is or are you not? And who knows how that favor will shift. A misogynistic e-mail doesn’t change the favor but going against Calvinists, who themselves lose favor a couple years later, does.

Again, Calvinism is not the issue at Louisiana College.

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  • The women at Brewton-Parker should be grateful to you for providing this. The grapevine has it that just this week the VPAA you referred to removed the Assessment Director after she reported a grade-changing fiasco that he was involved in… no grade appeal necessary, just go to the VPAA and BINGO your grade and athletic standing are “fixed.”

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