Baptist Ministers Seem to Vote to Cover Up Sin

Lewis Richerson Pastor of Woodlawn Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana wrote a commentary in the Town Talk today which called for David Hankins (Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention) to step down from his voting position on …

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Louisiana College and the Morality Flip Flop

The situation at Louisiana College has received a great deal of attention. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be any movement toward resolution. Individuals such as myself who feel that a change needs to be …

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Joe Aguillard: His Own Worst Enemy

Joe Aguillard, President of Louisiana College, has become infamous for his insistence on claiming that any challenge that comes against him is an influence of Satan. In my time at LC, I had heard plenty of slight insinuations of this but the most blatant was when, at a faculty meeting,  he called the Town Talk a “tool of Satan” after they had reported factually about some issues on campus. I’ve been told that he made similar claims about me after my letter was released in 2011. Recently, I’ve been told by reliable sources that he has made such claims about Divinity School Dean Chuck Quarles and Board of Trustee members, including Tony Perkins.

In my interactions with Aguillard in the Spring of 2011 I found it very difficult to gauge what action he was going to take. I found that he often made decisions which were not in his own self interest but satisfied what seemed to be a deep seated vindictiveness. Despite being arguably the most polarizing figure in Louisiana College history, he seems to have a strong desire to please and be liked which he seems unable to work  out in an honest manner and often devolves into Machiavellian maneuvers designed to manage his appearance at the cost of others.  He seems to be at it again.

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