Faith on View ranked among top Christian websites

Faith on View first received the honor of being ranked on Feedspot in June 2020. Another honor was just added in 2023.

Feedspot considers five categories when establishing rankings:

  1. Quality of Content
  2. Post consistency
  3. Age of blog
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Traffic

We debuted at #79 in the top 100 Theology Blogs and Websites. As we have continued to develop, Feedspot has honored that improvement raising our ranking several times. Currently, Faith on View is ranked #15 in the Theology category.

Our debut in Feedspot’s 100 Top Christian Blogs on Jesus Christ, Bible, and Christianity category was #115. We have continued to improve there also. As of today, we are ranked #55.

Most recently Feedspot has added Faith on View to their ranking of 100 Best Faith Blogs and Websites where we debuted at #15.

It is nice to have our hard work recognized. Hopefully, we will continue to climb up these lists.

Thank you, Feedspot!

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