Joe Aguillard’s apology that proved the narrative

joe_davidDavid Hankins released through the Baptist Message confirms the narrative that has been established through the media and blogs over the last two months. It really is a simple narrative: Joe Aguillard is dishonest and self-serving while David Hankins has amassed tremendous power in the LBC and has shown undue influence in Louisiana College operations.

Dear Dr. Hankins,

I want to deeply apologize for things that I said about you and Eric on a recording by Chuck Quarles. I haven’t heard the tape, but I’ve seen typed quotes from the recording and I am so remorseful in having said those things. What I said does not reflect in any way my true heartfelt feelings for both you and Eric.

In addition, I will share with anyone that you did not use undue influence in any way and never pushed your way onto the Academic Affairs committee. Your leadership on that committee is invaluable.

My position is one of full support for you and Eric in every way. I fully admire your leadership and Godly statesmanship and consider you a mentor and friend. I pray that you will forgive me and we can continue to work closely together for Christ.

Again, I am so sorry for what I said.



Will this apology work? I’m not certain but either way, it proves the narrative.

Joe Aguillard either lied on the tape where he was recorded or he is now lying. They cannot both be true. The question is which is the more likely lie. I would argue that the apology is a dishonest statement. When Aguillard was recorded he was speaking to his subordinates saying things that he thought were politically safe because they would not get back to Hankins. But, when those recordings come out his job is in jeopardy. He then decides to apologize to Hankins. But, even if I am wrong and the apology is sincere the incident shows that Aguillard is a thoroughly deceitful individual willing to make up unfounded stories to meet his ends.

The apology itself demonstrates the undue influence of David Hankins. Interestingly, David Hankins released the apology today after he had been accused by minority members of the board of having undue influence in College affairs. But, the very fact that Aguillard issued the apology, which officially admits that he is a liar, shows the influence of Hankins. As far as i can ascertain this is the only such apology Aguillard has mentioned despite the many people he has harmed. The reason for the letter seems clear. While Aguillard’s job was secure before the recordings were reported on, once they were out and he was at odds with Hankins his job was in jeopardy.That in itself shows Hankins influence. The fact that Aguillard thought an apology to Hankins may save his job underscores the influence that Aguillard believes Hankins wields. But, now if Aguillard’s job were to suddenly be safe again then it would doubly demonstrate Hankin’s influence.

Ultimately, this apology and its release demonstrate exactly what those who have been calling for change have been saying.

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