How is the Church treating Jesus?

Dream City Worship

“Church has to be run like a business.” I said the above statement about five years ago, affirming the institutional model of a large church in my area. There was no thought of anything different. …

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Politics and the church

An American flag in a field with the setting sun and clouds in the background.

Recently, there have been disagreements within Christianity over the church’s role in the political sphere. Christians are wondering if Republicanism is wrapped too tightly into the fabric of American Evangelicalism. Most, however, say no. To …

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I love America but it is not my idol

America is not, nor has it ever been, nor should it ever be a “Christian nation.” We can’t baptize a nation, nor should we try. Christians are the last people on earth in need of …

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Five reasons to abandon the attractional church model

The top of a steep two level church roof is shown against a blue sky and with a cross on it's peak.

The “Attractional Church,” according to Jared C. Wilson (from The Gospel-Driven Church), can be defined as “a way of doing church ministry whose primary purpose is to make Christianity appealing.” Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with …

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My testimony…hope story…why I believe

Rondall Reynoso is shown in an Eucalyptus grove, leaning on a deadfall, on the property on which he was raised.

If you have spent any time in the evangelical church, you have heard people talk about sharing their Christian testimony. If you don’t know what that means, a person’s testimony is basically their story of …

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