The poverty of systematic theology

open bible with a red page marker

I come from a religious tradition that values Systematic Theology. And I have to admit, I like systematic theology. So why am I then writing about the poverty of systematic theology? A few years ago, …

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The scam of commercialized Christianity

A white wedding cake with a black metal topper that says "Just Married".

In a recent Religious News Service article, Karen Swallow Prior (KSP) criticized what she termed the “Biblical Manhood Industry” as a scam within Evangelical circles. This industry, she argues, prioritizes stereotypical ideals of masculinity more …

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Considering the idea of a biblical worldview

Earth from space

The concept of a Christian worldview is fundamentally simple, but its implications are profound. There are a modest number of foundational assumptions necessary to view the world from a Christian perspective. Beyond that the task …

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Thinking about gossip

women gossip secret

If you have grown up in the evangelical church or spent much time in it at all you have heard discussions about gossip. There is no doubt that gossip is condemned in scripture. But, I …

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Loving “The Donald”

Trump speaking at a podium

I first wrote this reflection in 2015 and was concerned then about the evangelical embrace of hateful ideologies and rhetoric. Sadly, that embrace has only grown stronger. I am proud to see old essays like …

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Contrarian, in the best way

Yellow smiley happy face ball among blue sad face balls.

Social media interactions can be interesting. On one platform, I had a Christian friend say that I “sure seem to be working hard to purge, cleanse, and set us ‘not quite the good side right-thinking’ …

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A Christian Democrat? Here’s why…

There have been a couple of interesting posts on this subject that I have seen on Facebook. One was an article entitled “Christian Democrat?” on In All Things. The website is a Dordt College project and as such …

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