Of Might and Memories

Never Forget. As I write this, an estimated 5.3 million posts have used the #memorialday tag on Instagram alone. As it always follows a Sunday, a quick “Memorial Day sermons” Google search yielded over 7.5 …

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The American Idol of Freedom

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of talk about freedom in the United States. This was especially true protesters began calling for the government to lift shelter-at-home orders. In one thread about this …

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Make Christianity powerless again

The words The New Testament superimposed upon a Bible cover.

There are few things as detrimental to a person’s faith as a popular minister “falling from grace.” We enjoy putting our favorite preachers on a pedestal, identifying ourselves with their beliefs, charisma, and conviction. But …

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A God big enough for bacteria

Painting of Atlas holding up the celestial globe

The railway forest is changing with the seasons. I recently took a walk through it, now that the bugs have died down enough that I probably won’t get West Nile Virus. Most of the forest …

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