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Time Square to host ‘spirit of revival’ through ‘God is Love Takeover’

Times Square will host the upcoming God is Love Takeover where it is hoped the “spirit of revival,” that is being witnessed across the United States will be encountered. According to the organizers, Pastor Jewel Newman and Spence-Jones from Georgia’s Holy Spirit Encounter, the event will take place on May 5, a day after the National Day of Prayer on May 4. The event will consist of a “love walk” and will also include talks, prayer and a healing tent.

Fox News reports:

The “spirit of revival” is alive and well, according to organizers of the upcoming God is Love Takeover in Times Square.

“The spirit of revival being all across this country right now, I believe that just that alone was enough to stir up people to say it’s time for something to change,” Michelle Spence-Jones, the founder of the Loved by God Movement and former city of Miami commissioner, told Fox News Digital.

Spence-Jones and Pastor Jewel Newman of the Holy Spirit Encounter in Georgia are helping organize The God is Love Takeover in the Big Apple on May 5, scheduled for the day after next Thursday’s National Day of Prayer. The event will include a “love walk” and will also feature speakers and a prayer and healing tent, the pair explained. It comes on the heels of recent revivals across the country, most notably at Kentucky’s Asbury University.

Pastor Jewel explained the significance of the title, “God is Love.”

“God said that he desired for all people to be loved and that’s the message I believe Michelle had received is that for all people, no matter who you are – race, color, creed, individuality – God just wants to love you,” he said. “And there’s just been too much hate that’s been spread in this country and now to come back and say, look, we just want to come and just exhibit what true love is and just let God’s love permeate throughout all people. And that’s one of the reasons why we think we need to come to New York.

Spence-Jones informed that the “love walk” will take place from 42nd Street to the center of Times Square. Participants will be asked to wear red and display content from the Scriptures.

Spence-Jones said that the day will include a “love walk” from 42nd Street to the middle of Times Square. They are asking participants to wear red for the occasion and to help display various passages of Scripture. The event will also feature worship time in the middle of Times Square, as well as a slew of speakers, and a prayer and healing tent. Spence-Jones said she expects people of all backgrounds to take part.

“We are able to mobilize people from all walks of life – Black, White, Hispanic, Democrats, Republicans, independents. People don’t care… Everybody’s coming together on this global stage, to demonstrate God’s love, in one place,” she said.

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