UK government should enhance its comprehension of faith: Bloom report

According to a new report, the government in the United Kingdom must improve its comprehension of faith and adopt a bolder approach to accepting faith groups in a positive light. The report involves a review into faith in Britain and has been commissioned by the government. Titled ‘Does government ‘do God?’, the report has been authored by an Independent Faith Engagement Advisor, Colin Bloom. To formulate the report, Bloom gathered over 21,000 pieces of evidence over a period of three years and the study revealed that 68% of Christians think that ‘freedom of religion or belief is under threat in the UK’. The report includes 22 recommendations to the government regarding ways to commemorate the participation of faith groups in handling harmful practices.

Premier Christian News reports:

The government needs to improve its understanding of faith and be bolder in recognising faith groups as a force for good. That’s according to a review into faith in modern Britain commissioned by the government.

The author of ‘Does government ‘do God?’, Colin Bloom, is an Independent Faith Engagement Adviser. He collected more than 21000 pieces of evidence over three years, including the view among 68% of Christian respondents that ‘freedom of religion or belief is under threat in the UK’.

The report finds ‘Some members of both Christian and minority religions felt they were at risk of being marginalised, de-platformed, or even losing their jobs for practising their faiths or beliefs.’

It adds ‘Many Christian respondents said they no longer feel able to be who they are in public or at work, after experiencing the dismissal of traditional religious beliefs and practices.’

And concludes ‘…. there was a consistent emphasis among Christian respondents of the danger of no-platforming, and the lack of a decisive response from politicians and government to address this issue.’

The Bloom report makes 22 recommendations to government on how it can celebrate the contribution of faith groups, while tackling harmful practices.

He writes that the government and civic leaders must improve their understanding of faith in order to tackle issues such as forced marriage and religious extremism.

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