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Christian actor Neal McDonough got typecast as villain in order to avoid sex scenes

Actor Neal McDonough, who is known for his roles as villains in TV shows and movies, leads the life of a devout Christian in real life. He refuses to take part in kissing scenes or sex scenes because of respect and love for his wife and he got himself typecast as a villain in order to avoid such scenes. The actor, who is associated with a number of hit movies and TV series, has revealed that he lost his role in the TV series Scoundrels (2010), for saying no to performing a sex scene. He also said that he refuses to act in scenes that call for using the name of God in vain.

Church Leaders reports:

The career of actor Neal McDonough is something of a paradox: He has often been cast as a villain in movies and TV shows, yet in real life is a devout Christian who refuses to compromise his values. McDonough, who has appeared in the movies “Minority Report” and “Band of Brothers,” refuses to do kissing or sex scenes out of respect for his wife.

“I won’t do kissing scenes,” McDonough said in an interview with actor and podcaster Michael Rosenbaum. “I’ve never wanted to do it, and you know, I got crucified about 10 years ago where they thought I was this religious zealot that I wouldn’t do sex scenes. It was really because I love my wife more than I love my craft, and people couldn’t understand that.”

Neal McDonough’s Hollywood Journey

Neal McDonough is known for appearing in films such as “Star Trek: First Contact,” “Band of Brothers” and “Minority Report,” as well as for his roles in television series including “Justified, “Desperate Housewives,” “Suits, “The Flash,” and “Yellowstone.”

The actor grew up in Boston and was raised Catholic. On “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum” in 2021, McDonough shared that in his youth he attended mass with his father, which was a bonding time for them, and grew close to God in high school. McDonough is now the father of five children with his wife, Ruvé, a model from South Africa.

McDonough’s passion is to make films that reflect his values, but it is only recently in his career that he has had the opportunity to do so. The actor, who regularly prays and attends church, told Rosenbaum that he was fired from the series, “Scoundrels,” (in 2010) for refusing to do a sex scene and that he “lost basically everything” for his dedication to his principles and his faith. McDonough has also told Fox News Digital that he refuses to take parts where he would be required to take God’s name in vain.

It was getting cast as a villain in the hit series, “Justified,” that revived his career and helped him fall “in love with acting again,” said McDonough. “I had to become the best bad guy because I had to provide for my five kids and a beautiful wife.”

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Photo by Neal McDonough

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