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Op-ed: Giving your best at work

If you have a job right now, you are blessed. Working allows you to make a living so you can pay the bills, buy groceries, and even save for the future. How do you feel about your job today? Does it give you satisfaction or create stress? If the latter is true and you are constantly complaining about your job, then you may not be giving it your best effort. Recently, I heard a sermon from Dr. Charles Stanley about getting the most out of your work. He suggests the following ways to do so, which can not only give you a more positive attitude at work but ultimately please God.

View yourself as a servant

The way you see yourself at work can reflect your job performance. Do you feel like just a number doing a job or see yourself as someone with a willingness to be of service to others? Dr. Stanley referenced Philippians 2:5-8 in his sermon, which calls on human beings to be humble servants like Jesus. As a Christian, you should share the Spirit of serving out of love, not out of personal gain. Now, that is not to say God won’t bless you for being a humble servant; however, selflessness should come before selfishness. That same idea should be applied at work with your co-workers, boss, and clients/customers. Remember, when you are willing to help other people, other people will also help you.

Work as for The Lord

Dr. Stanley said you should understand that God placed you at a particular job for a reason. See your job not just as a job but an opportunity. You have a chance to influence your co-workers and others by witnessing to them about the goodness of God. Maybe someone at work is struggling and wanting to quit; give that person some assistance and/or an encouraging word to make the day better. There could be an issue outside of work a colleague shares with you, and your testimony of overcoming adversity can make a difference. At my current job, some co-workers have asked me how I do it each day, and I say by the grace of God. I want to give my best effort not only for the company, but most importantly, the Lord. When you do your best, God will handle the rest.

View Christ as your authority

Much like an employee who has a boss, as a Christian, God is your ultimate boss. You probably make most big decisions in your life by consulting Him, and then listening to what He says. In his sermon, Dr. Stanley mentioned how while at work, you should do what your boss asks unless it is immoral or unbiblical. While you may not enjoy every part of your job, no one likes constant complaining, so either change your attitude or find a new job. Since God is your biggest authority, make sure you pray to Him before deciding on what to do.

See other people as worthy persons

If you are an employer, especially a Christian one, you should not take advantage of your employees. Dr. Stanley said do not try to get the most out of them for the least. Colossians 4:1 talks about giving your workers what is right and fair because their bosses have a boss to answer to. All employees deserve to be treated with respect no matter what their jobs are. Remember, while you may have the title of boss, it is more important to act like one in order to please God.

View your reward as present and future

As an employee, you may think your only reward comes in a paycheck. It is not. God determines what your best rewards will be for all of your service, including on the job. Dr. Stanley believes a Christian should be motivated by serving God with his or her best effort. Ask yourself what kind of worker you are now and how you can be a better one.

God wants you to give your best at everything, which includes your job. Even though work may get challenging sometimes, if you are a humble servant, He will help you overcome any adversity. See your job as an opportunity not just to make a paycheck but to be a positive example of Christianity to your co-workers. By doing so, you can not only impact their lives but ultimately please God.


Image Credit: Pamela Reynoso

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