Poll: Christianity Today and Removing Trump- Do you agree?

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On December 19th, my birthday, Christianity Today , one of the flagship evangelical magazines, published an editorial “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” by Mark Galli, CT’s editor in chief, which has set the political evangelical world on fire. Trump has angrily Tweeted about the editorial and evangelicals on both sides have been eager to join their voice to the chorus. 

Here are some representative articles from the fray:

How Trump Lost an Evangelical Stalwart” by Emma Green in The Atlantic.

Christianity Today does not speak for most evangelical Christians with call for Trump removal” by Jenna Ellis in the Washington Examiner

Why I Stand by 45” by Jentezen Franklin in The Christian Post.

Evangelical Elites Are Out Of Touch” by Carl R. Trueman in First Things.

“Is Mark Galli an ‘Evangelical Elite?’ Is He ‘Out of Touch?'” by John Fea in The Way of Improvement Leads Home.

“Christianity Today versus Donald Trump” by Everett Piper in The Washington Times.

“Nearly 200 evangelical leaders slam Christianity Today for questioning their Christian witness” by Melissa Barnhart in The Christian Post.

“The Flag in the Whirlwind: An Update from CT’s President” by Timothy Dalrymple in Christianity Today

“Opinion: What took Christianity Today so long to confront Trump?” by Randall Balmer in the Los Angeles Times

This is just a sampling. There are plenty more articles and lots of discussion on Twitter about this situation. I can see what all the pundits think about this situation. What I am interested in is how the typical person sees this situation. So please, take a few seconds and respond to the two polls below.

How do you feel about the Christianity Today article calling for the removal of Trump from office?


Also, I have been intrigued by the varying perspective that people have about Christianity Today. Where do you place Christianity Today in the evangelical world?

Where is Christianity Today on the evangelical spectrum?

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