An Evangelical addiction to strength

dumbbells on a rack in a gym

I wonder sometimes how much our religious focus as evangelicals relates to what we find in scripture. Certainly, at the heart of evangelicalism is the greek word euaggelion (good news) and as evangelicals, we strive to …

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Would Jesus unfriend them on Facebook?

Jesus is shown using a laptop

Would Jesus unfriend them on Facebook? What a silly fruitless question… maybe. Recently, I was challenged on the issue of love. I think this is good for us all to go through. It is so …

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Horrors of the hive mind

A screen shot from MSNBC shows former President Trump at a microphone.

I recently enjoyed the opportunity to contribute a chapter to a collection of essays reflecting on the influence of media during the Trump presidency. American Television During a Television Presidency was edited by Dr. Karen …

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Loving “The Donald”

Trump speaking at a podium

I first wrote this reflection in 2015 and was concerned then about the evangelical embrace of hateful ideologies and rhetoric. Sadly, that embrace has only grown stronger. I am proud to see old essays like …

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A Christian Democrat? Here’s why…

There have been a couple of interesting posts on this subject that I have seen on Facebook. One was an article entitled “Christian Democrat?” on In All Things. The website is a Dordt College project and as such …

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