Louisiana College Keeps Aguillard as President.

Louisiana College
Louisiana College

It is with a heavy heart that I report that Louisiana College has kept Dr. Joe Aguillard as President. Despite the plenteous evidence of Aguillard’s failed character and failed leadership. The majority of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees have decided to not remove Aguillard from his position. There will be a follow-up meeting on April 30th after an investigation into Dr. Aguillard but considering there have already been two investigations in the last several months into Aguillard, it seems likely that this investigation is a non-investigation. Further, expect retaliation from Aguillard toward any faculty or staff members who he does not see as fully loyal to him. This does not bode well for accreditation or recruiting. Expect hard times ahead at LC. The Board has chosen to honor a man rather than God.

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  • Sorry to hear about this. I know it’s been a huge source of frustration for you for quite a while now. It might be time to let this all go. And I know that can be very difficult to do, you may feel like you’re letting others, or yourself down. I think, though, that if you feel the need to somehow make up for someone else’s faults/failures, probably the best thing you can do is to move forward and lead by example, hopefully avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls that others have succumbed to.

    • Jim, Thank you so much for your care and concern. I agree it is time to work on moving on. I had been doing that and then this glimmer of hope for justice appeared. I hurt though for the people who are stuck there, for those who have contacted me thanking me for speaking up. They have no voice and many are stuck. But, instead of the majority of the Board being concerned with truth and integrity and the down trodden they have opted for a much darker path. I cannot change that and cannot protect those who are still in harms way and it saddens me.

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