The Louisiana College Board of Trustees Needs a Cricket in their Life.

Where is Jiminy Cricket when you need him? The Louisiana College Board of Trustees has exonerated President Joe Aguillard of all charges. Despite the findings of an independent investigation into the moral failings of Aguillard the Board which is largely made up of Ministers has chosen to ignore the facts and clear Aguillard.

I’m sick.


You can view the announcement at The Daily Bleat .

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  • Considering that there’s been questions of funds possibly misused/abused, wouldn’t surprise me if there was a bribe or two somewhere in all of this.

  • Apparently the President is just doing his job, which is to represent the Board of Trustees. The Board however, does not seem to have much interest in the college. Evil and goodness can not co-exist in the same vicinity- Let the “exodus” continue!

  • SBC Historian says:

    You understand this to be true, though some of your readers may miss the nuance. Simply because the Board cleared him doesn’t mean everyone on the board agrees with the decision. To borrow a boxing analogy, my scorecard had the vote around 15-14 or 16-13. Unfortunately, just as history is (most often) written by the winners, the majority gets to speak for the board. This is certainly a time when one wishes the Board of Trustees was run like the Supreme Court. The majority wins, but the minority has the right to publish the minority opinion, which goes on record. I would love to have read the ‘minority’ opinion of those who firmly believed Aguillard was guilty of unethical behavior.

    • I completely agree. I just didn’t have the emotional energy to go into the details. I just wanted to update those who have been following the situation through my blog.

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