Louisiana College: The $10 Million Donor is…

Louisiana College Board of Trustee Member and Donor Sam Camp

On Tuesday, the Louisiana College Board of Trustees voted 16-13 to exonerate President Aguillard of all charges which had been leveled against him. The following day Aguillard held a press conference where he announced that LC had received an anonymous $10 million donation. This donation has created a lot of questions since part of the fervor over Aguillard recently has been his alienation of the Cason Family through the misappropriation of $60,000. Aguillard’s actions cost the College the support of a family which had pledged up to $60 million in support and had already provided $5 million.

Very little information has been released about the donation at this point. Essentially all that has been said is that the money was provided by an anonymous Baptist couple because of their faith in the leadership of President Aguillard and that there are no restrictions on the donation. Sources, however, reveal that, to date, no money has actually been given to the college. There is a $10 million pledge where the donor pledges $2 million a year for the next five years. Sources further identify the donor as

Sam Camp a member of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees was recently among the board members to vote to ignore the independent outside investigation into Aguillard’s behavior in favor of the board’s investigations led by Chenier and involving LBC Executive Director of the LBC.

What does this all mean? I am not sure. Clearly, Camp must believe in Aguillard’s leadership to trust so much of his own money to Aguillard’s control.

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  • John Lindsey says:

    According to the Town Talk, the BOT learned of the $10M pledge while meeting to consider Jo-Ag’s fate. That certainly fits with the information posted here. Looks to me like the Pres is still $45M in the hole. I hope everyone understands that Jo-Ag is not the problem, he’s merely the face of it. The real problem is the Fundamentalist clique on the BOT and the Talibanesque Fundy wing of the LBC.

  • My father knows the man personally and he has trialled to him and he said that no money was given or pledged.

  • truth_please says:

    i have also spoken with Mr. Camp, since i know him personally, and found that he did not donate the money. the source you provided has faulty information. i do not agree with the actions the board has taken, but i do know without a doubt that Sam Camp is not the donor.

    • Thank you all for your feedback. I have received confirmation from multiple sources that the donor is Camp. However, given the testimony to the opposite I am trying to see if I can find further evidence or counter evidence.

  • John Howell says:

    It would appear that Louisiana College remains a very dark, creepy place. I no longer acknowledge any association with what was once a fine institution of higher learning.

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