Poll: What is Your Opinion on the Troubles at Louisiana College?

Louisiana College
Louisiana College

Obviously there has been a lot of attention paid to the troubles at Louisiana College on social media and in the press recently. This blog has had almost 23,000 page views in just the last two and a half days. There are strong feelings on all sides. But, I am curious about how the general public feels. Bloggers, like myself, have been vocal about our opinions and there have been some who have spoken up on social media in favor of the administration. Please, no matter your persuasion let me know how you feel.

Make your opinion known before the special called Trustee meeting on the 30th.

This poll is anonymous.


The problems at Louisiana College and the Louisiana Baptist Convention are due to... (Check all that apply)



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  • You forgot one, the ‘Conservative Resurgence’, the group that started all of this. Dr. Fred Downing was right, after they finished destroying anyone that stood in their way they would turn on each other. LC is burning, the people that poured the fuel and set it ablaze point their fingers at each other while Aguillard plays his fiddle.

  • Drew Wales says:

    It seems we are all in agreement that there are issues, we just attribute the issues to different causes. I have a question for the 14% who answered attacks of Satan and the 11% that answered bloggers and Calvinism (at the time of this comment). How does a $1.3 million deficit and SACS warning fit in with your assessment?

  • I voted both Calvinism and anti-Calvinism, (along with several other factors,) because both factions are being used as proxies for those with other agendas.

    This fracas is a microcosm of the SBC. It’s more egregious because the LBC and LC are part of a small, fetid swamp and the miasma gets think. But it’s the same thing that goes on in the convention as a whole. It’s an outgrowth of the so called “conservative resurgence.” When all the scary libruls were run out of the denomination, the factions would eventually turn on themselves. It was the ohly possible outcome.

    Speaking form the perspective on an ex-Baptist who’s very glad I left this mess behind, but am still an interested observer.

  • Students@LC says:

    Everyone forgot a major contributor to this big mess. Aeromark!

    • Aramark certainly has issues. They have not done their job well. But, I do not think they are a core issue at LC they are a symptom.

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