My testimony…hope story…why I believe

Rondall Reynoso is shown in an Eucalyptus grove, leaning on a deadfall, on the property on which he was raised.

If you have spent any time in the evangelical church you have heard people talk about sharing their testimony. If you don’t know what that means, a person’s testimony is basically their story of why …

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They promised us a meteor shower

-For S. They had promised us a meteor shower, but all we saw were lightning bugs. Down the street, you could hear the lowing and occasional roars of livestock, the bulls and broncos that had …

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The religious narcissist

Religious Narcissist

It seems like everyone knows a narcissist these days. It isn’t a term I really thought about a decade ago. After I left a teaching position with a corrupt president, I started hearing people refer …

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Contrarian, in the best way

Yellow smiley happy face ball among blue sad face balls.

Social media interactions can be interesting. On one platform, I had a Christian friend say that I “Sure seem to be working hard to purge, cleanse, and set us ‘not quite the good side right-thinking’ …

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A Christian Democrat? Here’s why…

There have actually been a couple of interesting posts on this subject that I have seen on Facebook. One was an article entitled “Christian Democrat?” on In All Things. The website is a Dordt College project and as …

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