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The Martian: An Alien Concept

I made a mistake. I read the review of The Martian by my friend Collin Garbarino, “Politics and Religion in Ridley Scott’s The Martian.” It is a good review and touches on some of the same issues that I found compelling in The Martian. The problem is that now as I write this his voice is in […]

Sicario: A Dystopian Now

Spoilers to follow… At the very beginning of the movie, text tells the viewer that the word Sicario is spanish for assassin but has its roots in the Jewish Zealots who were fighting to expel the Romans from Palestine. So, from the beginning the viewers knows there is a tension between the immorality of assassination and […]

Revisiting 2014…aka another top 10 list.

A little while back I had a fan of Faith on View message me on Facebook asking me to once again post regularly on Faith on View. Okay, truth be told it really was more of an internet friend teasing me for my failures. For those who follow this blog, they noticed that in September posts […]

Transformers, Less than Meets the Eye

I have a real fond spot for Transformers. As a kid, I watched the Transformers show every day after school and the first movie I ever saw without my parents was the 1986 annimated film Transformers: The Movie. I still remember, in Junior High, going to see it  at a downtown Stockton, CA theater and my […]

The Wind Rises: A beautiful lie

Hayao Miyazaki is a major name, maybe the major name, in Anime, Japanese Animation. The Wind Rises  is his eleventh film and reported to be his last film. It is a beautifully animated piece with a compelling story. At the heart of the movie it is a love story. (Spoilers to follow) Miyazaki chose to use […]

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