Exvangelical: Not a journey, but a day

A Chinese landscape painting is shown.

I’ve been in the world for thirty years, And I must have traveled a million miles. Walked by rivers where the green grass grows thick, And entered the frontier where the red dust rises. Purified …

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Deconstruction or reimagining faith?

A partially deconstructed parking structure with the the front missing, is shown in black and white.

Deconstruction is all the rage. It seems we are constantly bombarded with news of evangelical celebrities who have deconstructed their faith. Often, this leads, eventually, to news of the celebrity leaving the faith. What is …

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Facts are stubborn things

Pelham's engraving of the Boston Massacre showing soldiers firing into a crowd.

Private Hugh White stamped his feet and rubbed his hands together to warm them in the blistering cold of a March evening in Boston. Snow blanketed the ground around the Custom House he was tasked …

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I want to live a faith worth reviling

A painting shows Christian martyrs all together in a group with the backdrop of a Roman coliseum.

In 2016, then-future President Donald John Trump gave a speech in Sioux Center, Iowa, that would define not only his presidential campaign but the next four years of his time in office. He could shoot …

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