A bank full of beggars

The Parcast Network’s Conspiracy Theories podcast recently did a four-episode deep dive into the supposed mysteries of the Vatican. While some parts were interesting and some were just silly, it opened with what I thought …

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Church synod adopts resolution against book bans

A woman stands touching books on a library shelf as if trying to find a particular one.

Responding to a national atmosphere in which more and more state legislatures have adopted laws restricting content in classrooms and even public libraries, the voting delegates at the United Church of Christ’s general synod adopted …

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After the storm, opening our eyes

Arial View of Tornado Damage in Alabama

The sound of a train barreling over our bedroom woke us. “Do you hear that?” my wife and I asked each other simultaneously. Outside the window, the sky was illumined by lightning so frequent that …

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Exvangelical: Not a journey, but a day

A Chinese landscape painting is shown.

I’ve been in the world for thirty years, And I must have traveled a million miles. Walked by rivers where the green grass grows thick, And entered the frontier where the red dust rises. Purified …

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