Armed forces attack Baptist seminary in Myanmar

armed men in soldiers uniforms standing in formation

The Tatmadaw — the armed forces of Myanmar — reportedly attacked The Kachin Theological College, a Baptist seminary in Northern Myanmar, last week. The Tatmadaw launched a severe onslaught of artillery fire, which injured four …

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Missouri: Radioactive waste found in a school

Radioactive symbol on rusted metal

A report by environmental research consultants revealed that a Missouri educational institution contains high levels of radioactive waste. The samples were taken in August of this year and the results came out in October. They …

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Houston Baptist University changes its name

Houston Baptist University crest with rope design encircling an open bible with a cross laying on a bible

Milton Quintanilla, contributor to Christian Headlines writes that Houston Baptist University is now Houston Christian University. The name change was motivated by a desire to be more inclusive toward Christians of every denomination. The university …

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Professor sues university over trans pronouns

A tablet sits on an open book next to a stack of books on a classroom table.

Theater professor Richard Bugg filed a lawsuit against administrators at Southern Utah University, alleging that school officials breached his First Amendment rights on his refusal to use a student’s preferred pronouns. FIRE Faculty Legal Defense …

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