The idolatry of wealth and cryptocurrency

Christianity has long warned against the worship of golden idols. Yet the idolatry of money has been a problem as long as humanity has been able to quantify wealth. Most recently, this was symbolized with …

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Pentecostal nurse wins religious attire lawsuit

Pentecostal nurse Malinda Babineaux has settled a religious discrimination lawsuit after she was denied a job because of her religious convictions about how she should dress. Babineaux had been offered a job with Wellpath LLC, …

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The history of Black churches and basketball

The early spread of the sport of basketball had a religious connection. St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Harlem first organized basketball in 1905. Black churches helped spread basketball across the Black community of New York …

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A Black Anti-Racism Stance

Black Men talking

Kendall Qualls, in the Federalist.com has written an article that stands as an example of calm, rational thought on the topic of racism in America. He paints a picture of America that is radically different …

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