Lousiana College- Independent Special Investigation Concludes Aguillard Lied

Tomorrow morning the Town Talk will be running a story on Louisiana College which highlights an internal investigation commissioned by the Chairman of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees which concludes that President Aguillard “engaged in falsehoods and misrepresented material information to the Board of Trustees on countless occasions.” The investigation was commissioned to investigate the accusations made by Vice Presidents Chuck Quarles and Tim Johnson.

LC © 2013 Pamela Reynoso-2Honestly, to me, the most shocking part of all this is that LC has a whistle-blower policy! I was on faculty at LC for four years and looked through all the policies made available to the faculty and a whistle-blower policy was nowhere among them. In fact, as a part of the newly discovered whistle-blower policy complaints against the President of the College are to be made to the Chairman of the Board. However, in my case charges were brought up against me for speaking to the Chairman of the Board. In my “hearings”, I was told by Dr. Aguillard that faculty members were not allowed to speak to Board members about LC issues even if they lived together. If the whistle-blower policies were made available to the faculty I could have made sure to follow it completely. It was clever of the administration to keep such information hidden from employees. It left me with only one alternative as I had exhausted every option- writing an open letter to Louisiana Baptists for which I was banned from campus and more.

This report highlights the erroneous assumption that many people have. I had the same assumption when I wrote my letters two years ago so I don’t blame them. But, change will not happen until people understand it. Many people assume that the Board doesn’t have enough information to make an informed decision. They do!

This report details multiple lies by President Aguillard and the misappropriation of almost $60,000 which ended up costing the college the support of the largest donor in school history. Included in the misappropriation were two $1000 suits which Aguillard bought for himself, with school funds, while in Tanzania. Despite all this, the board does nothing. An independent investigation finds that “the Board of Trustees has more than enough evidence to terminate Dr. Aguillard’s contract on any of these three grounds.” Yet David Hankins, Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention which owns the college,  was brass enough to motion that the charges against Aguillard be dismissed “as without cause” in the last Board meeting. Despite all the evidence the Board continues to allow Aguillard to occupy the presidency. What’s interesting to me is that Aguillard was able to refuse to cooperate with an investigation mounted by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and there are no apparent consequences. It is the responsibility of the Board to hold him accountable.We will see at the special called Board Meeting on the 30th if they intend to honor that responsibility. Rev. Kris Chenier chairs the committee that will be reporting back to the entire Board next week and claims that the committee “finds that the President has not acted improperly and no further action on this matter is needed.” The donor of the funds that were misappropriated strongly disagrees, the independent investigators disagreed, one has to begin to wonder if a committee which includes David Hankins is really acting in the best interest of the college? When did spending someone else’s money, without their permission to buy yourself $1000 suits, become okay??

It is interesting to note that the whistle-blower rules are protecting Dr. Quarles but they did not protect the three faculty under him who share his Calvinistic theological convictions. According to the timeline, they were told shortly after the whistleblower investigation began that they would not receive contracts. It can’t be proven but given the vindictiveness of Dr. Aguillard one has to wonder if these events are associated.

Finally, while I applaud that Quarles and Johnson filed whistle-blower complaints against Aguillard, I feel compelled to point out that these are the same two individuals who actively worked against the truth of my letters in 2011 which leveled essentially the same claims pertaining to Aguillard’s character as they are now making. In fact, Tim Johnson was acting President when he decided not to renew Beth Overhauser’s contract as retaliation for testifying on my behalf, though she had been guaranteed a contract in writing. It wasn’t until much later, seemingly when their skin was on the line, that they suddenly developed the conviction to stand for what is right.




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  • mollie Anderson says:

    As i read all of the stuff unfolding at LC i keep reflecting back on what happened to our daughter in the fall semester. I am going to copy and past the letter i sent to Dr. A to which we got no response!! I would gladly speak with you about it if you would like more info bc i feel we are not alone here! This is the letter…Dr. Aguillard,

    I am writing you in regards to our daughter Marybeth Anderson. We have always encouraged our children to take a stand in what they believe in and fight their battles with confidence and integrity. Marybeth has done so at every level possible at Louisiana College. So now I feel it is our responsibility, as her parents to step up and see if we can make a difference for her.

    She began L.C. in the fall of 2010. She worked hard, made good grades and applied herself to many facets of the University. She became an R.A. for Cottingham her sophomore year. Because of her work ethic and dependability she moved up to Assistant Head Advisor this fall. With this position, she had a cut in her tuition fees. This cut in fees, left her with a $1200.00 credit, but this credit has been kept by the university. I have understood that it is LC policy that students do not attend college and make money. However this set of circumstance is completely different! You are blessed to have a young lady that has given 100% to her job and is available 24/7 to the needs of the students. I do not understand how the school can justify the fact that she is working for them and they are making money off of her scholarships and FAFSA. She could have chosen the path of continuing to live as a student in the dorms, offering nothing of herself and consuming all of her scholarships and aid upon registration. Choosing this path would have left her with more free time and the ability to have an off campus job. But instead she took the path of giving back to the school through her time and talents. She is not only an Assistant Head Advisor, she has also taken a campus job as well. It grieves us that her pleas for her money have fallen upon deaf ears. To have her working for your school and L.C. is making money off of her just somehow doesn’t seem fair. Taking the less ambitious road would have given her greater financial standings. Basically she is being punished for trying to do better. Would some one please hear our pleas for her money.


    Gray & Mollie Anderson

    • Mollie, Thank you for this. I have heard so many stories from parents about the troubles their kids have experienced at LC. Maybe I should do a blog post just on that. I am sorry she has had these troubles. I heard so many problems with financial aid when I was on faculty there. I really don’t know what the problem is other than some bad policies which is the issue your daughter had.

  • Rondall…Sorry we never crossed paths. My years at LC were 1975-80 (student) & 1990-99 (staff in music dept & director Common Good).
    I now know of you through Scott C.’s links to articles and musings on your blog. I have read with interest what you are writing from your LC experiences leading to a horrible last semester. I am sorry for all the false accusations against you and your dishonest, forced departure.
    I hope your road is now full of kindness, opportunity and assurance that God is going before you. We expect powerful expressions of art to be created out of those dark days!
    If you come to Paris, (you may have already been here)…could I have the honor of visiting the city’s great and small museums with you?
    Hoping and praying, with lots of alumni, for new & transparent leadership at LC beginning May 1st!
    Rueil-Malmaison, France

    • I would love to visit the museums in Paris with you! unfortunately it will probably be a good while before I can make that trip. Working on a PhD doesn’t leave me with a great deal or resources and I still owe my lawyer $4000 for my battles with LC. But in time I do want to make that trip!

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