Trump Christians have the most devout faith.

Last week’s article contained a poll that asked, “Is America Hostile to the Christian Faith?” The results have been interesting so far. But more interesting has been the conversations generated.  There is one particular conversation …

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Art, Justice, & the Border

It has taken me all of one day to get off my publishing schedule here on Faith on View. I should have known that would happen. Once I start writing again, more ideas come to …

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Christians are Doing the Work of Atheists

I have written several articles over the last several months discussing the demise of the evangelical witness in our nation. The truth is that not only are we ruining our witness but we are actually doing …

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An Inauguration Prayer

Dear Lord, patient and forgiving Father, all-knowing God who sees our hearts even as we can’t, I pray for our country even as the inauguration of our 45th president, Donald Trump, is taking place. I pray …

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A Time for Faith on View

When I first started writing here at Faith on View, I wrote on the About page that one of my core values was transparency. I didn’t realize at the time that whether or not we …

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Binding my Broken Heart

Last night at about 9 pm I posted the above image on Facebook. At that point I was growing very concerned about the direction of the election and thought this was a funny parody of …

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