The Sower and the land

Of all the Parables of Jesus, one of the most important, interesting, and of course one of my favorites, is the Parable of the Sower. In my opinion, it should be foundational for thinking about …

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The religious narcissist

Religious Narcissist

It seems like everyone knows a narcissist these days. It isn’t a term I really thought about a decade ago. After I left a teaching position with a corrupt president, I started hearing people refer …

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The Costly Wars on History

Book burning and censorship campaigns seemed a relic of the past in the rural middle-class world where I grew up. We vigorously attacked the censorship of the repressive Soviet Union and insisted that Americans stood …

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Dear evangelical Christianity

I’m one of those old guys who posts on TikTok. My content there has a lot of consonance with the content we publish on Faith on View. The other day, I posted about being received …

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