5 Religious Pilgrim Podcasts

No, I’m not talking about those pilgrims. Though the thought does raise the question of whether William Bradford would have created the Plymouth Plantation Podcast had such wizardry existed in his time. I’m using the …

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The Devil in you

Being in a position of power gives you all the tools you need to be Antichrist. All you have to do is lean in. So says the Devil incarnate in so many words during a …

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Faith in Times of Pandemic

Pandemics have stressed the fabric of human social structures throughout the course of history. Times of rampant sickness with their associated physical, mental, social, and spiritual tolls strip away the veneer of human societies to …

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Christians are Doing the Work of Atheists

Donald Trump holding up an open Bible

I have written several articles over the last several months discussing the demise of the evangelical witness in our nation. The truth is that not only are we ruining our witness but we are actually doing …

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