Louisiana College Board of Trustee Member admits bloggers know more about the happenings at the college than trustees

The Baptist Message recently published an article that had a very telling response from a trustee:

Larry Hubbard, LC trustee and pastor of Riverside Baptist Church in Denham Springs responded to the email the Baptist Message sent to the LC board and said:

“I am bound by a confidentiality statement that was signed during my first meeting as a trustee. Confidentiality is the standard operating culture of Louisiana College which provides no transparency for Louisiana Baptist or the culture at large.

“In recent days, I have discovered that a pastor in Montana has a greater knowledge about Louisiana College then this trustee. You would be better served to ask those outside of the Board of Trustees about Joseph Cole’s service to Louisiana Baptist.

“This trustee is much more informed by internet blogs than the meetings he has attended. No institution can function in secrecy for it is no longer 1950 but 2014.

“Please help Louisiana Baptist by revealing what has been hidden. Let us repent of secrecy in order that transparency will be expected of all Louisiana Baptist and demanded of our entities.”

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This trustee is clearly pointing out that Louisiana College operates with a lack of transparency. It is particularly telling that he admits that bloggers know more about certain happenings at Louisiana College than do the trustees. How is it that trustees can be more informed by the materials we bloggers release than by Board meetings?

This is not a sign of a healthy institution. Nor is it a sign of healthy leadership.

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  • Patrick Arthur says:

    I wrote a letter today to the President of LC. If we can get the alumni to stand up for their alma matter, we can still improve the schools image after this debacle. Here is the copy of the letter I sent. Everyone is welcome to copy and paste and send to the administration.
    Dr. Joe Aguillard
    (318) 487-7401 [email protected]

    Dr. Aguillard,
    I must write you today to let you know how the current body of alumnus is responding to the current situation at LC. It is obvious to myself and to what’s becoming a giant community of individuals that it has become necessary to exert pressure on the current administration, so that they may ‘do the right thing’ within the grounds of what will be best for the college in the short-term, and long-term. As someone who is a Christian and an Alumni of LC, I am disgusted that the current situation has grown to the level it has. This is not the way those in power at a Christian College should be acting. Cover-ups, threatening students, alumni, and faculty…. Sounds more like the mob is in charge rather than a bunch of Baptist pastors and theologians. That is a direct reflection of your leadership, whether it was intentional or not. As a result I must demand your immediate resignation, so that my beloved alma matter, may not be further damaged by the actions, and improper choice of words that continue to resonate between all parties involved. Dr. Aguillard, you claim to be a Christian, but by upholding this battle and staying steadfast within your position, you do not show true Christian traits. Included among these traits are integrity, and humbleness, neither of which are present anywhere within your administration based on the information that is currently available. Brother Jim Spenser, a former member of the board, and former pastor at Kingsville Baptist Church, would never have stood for whats happening today at LC, and I think you know that. I only mention him so you can remember what true humility in front of the Lord as a pastor and a leader looked like, and so that it may be easier to humble yourself before our Heavenly Father. Dr Aguillard, please do the right thing and step down for the good of the school, and your fellow Christians. Do not hold on to power like a tyrant at the expense of our Christian witness.
    I would very much like a response to this letter.

    Thank you for your time: Patrick A.

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