March 10, 2014

Louisiana College Board of Trustee Chairman Tommy French threatens fellow board member

Rondall Reynoso
Pastor Jay Adkins
Pastor Jay Adkins

I don’t have much to write here. I simply want to point readers to a blog post by Louisiana College Board of Trustee member Jay Adkins. Adkins has recently posted a blog post critical David Hankins holding a position on the Louisiana College Board of Trustees. Only six hours after Adkins published his post he received a threatening e-mail from Chairman Tommy French. 

Please take the time to read the letter that Adkins received from French and Adkin’s response to French. This is a tremendous insight into how Louisiana College hadn’t dissent. In fact, this is how they handle most issues…through pure force and intimidation. I am truly glad to see PAstor Adkins standing up to Tommy French. We should all pray for Adkins during this time as there will likely be more pressure put on him as a consequence of his integrity.

Read Jay Adkin’s post here.

Rondall Reynoso

Rondall is an artist, scholar, and speaker. He is currently an Assistant Professor at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. He holds an MFA in Painting and an MS in Art History from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY and is completing a Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.

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  • Russ Skains says:

    Perhaps Jay will be the one to stand up for God and the truth?

    I have read at times in the Bible where good men opposed so called righteous folks.

    I have been waiting for someone to deliver.

    • With his writing this year and last, i think Jay has demonstrated that he is a good man willing to stand against power. I hope that people will listen to Jay’s words.

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