Beth Moore Reflects on ‘Christian Celebrity Culture’

Image appears to be an nearly upside down image of a cement arena walkway lit at night.

Stephanie Martin of Church Leaders writes that Southern Baptist turned Anglican evangelist Beth Moore warned against what she called “platform culture” and “Christian celebrity culture” in religion today. Moore encouraged a younger audience to focus …

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Why I’m not tempted to apostate

A glass dessert cup sits on a square of burlap and is filled with vanilla and chocolate pudding and topped with blueberries and raspberries.

I hope this title is appreciated, and that the article is appreciated at least half as much as the title. I enjoy approaching serious subjects with a casual, Kermit the Frog tea sip before I …

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DeSantis presses into religion in political ad

Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, stands in front of a projected image with his hands up in the air, palms up while speaking

Mike Allen of Axios writes that Florida governor Ron DeSantis strongly focused on religion in his recent campaign for reelection. He notably invokes the name of God 10 times in one minute-and-a-half political ad aimed …

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Professor sues university over trans pronouns

A tablet sits on an open book next to a stack of books on a classroom table.

Theater professor Richard Bugg filed a lawsuit against administrators at Southern Utah University, alleging that school officials breached his First Amendment rights on his refusal to use a student’s preferred pronouns. FIRE Faculty Legal Defense …

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