Navigating the shift: Hispanic Americans and Evangelical faith

Hispanic Americans hold a parade and fiesta at St. Procopius Elementary School in Chicago to celebrate Dia de los Muertos.

(ANALYSIS) I read a story a few weeks ago in the Free Press that had an
intriguing title, “Latinos are flocking to evangelical Christianity.” The
piece was an excerpt from a book called “Latinoland: A Portrait of
America’s Largest and Least Understood Minority.” The book is based on over
200 interviews with Hispanics from all facets of American society in order
to develop a clearer picture of what Hispanic culture looks like in the
United States.

Secularization theory in the USA

Religions are written on a piece of paper with checkboxes next to them and "no religion" is selected in red ink.

In 2023, there is a renewed interest in the “secularization theory,” which posits that as societies progress economically and education improves, they become more secular due to modern science explaining phenomena previously attributed to religion. …

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New survey on college students’ gender, sexual orientation and religion

A diverse group of college students are shown looking at the phone of one.

(ANALYSIS) The religious group that is the most likely to be straight is
Muslims at 85%, followed closely by a whole bunch of other groups such as
Protestants, Catholics, “just Christians” and Hindus. But here’s a really
big surprise to me — only 78% of Latter-day Saints in college say that they
are straight.