Louisiana College: In search of Truth

Guinn Auditorium at Louisiana College

Over the last couple of years, I have been contacted by a lot of people who have been hurt by the Aguillard administration. Once again, with the new documents surrounding the Joseph Cole hotel fiasco, …

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Am I a Liberal?

Reading aesthetics in a redwood forest

Today the Town Talk ran an article about the issue of forged documents at Louisiana College which I reported on yesterday: “Documents: Former Louisiana College employee was paid to keep quiet” One thing in that …

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Louisiana College: President Joe Aguillard’s Lie of “Exoneration”

Joe Aguillard eating a worm

For almost a year, ever since the investigation by the Board of Trustees into corruption, Louisiana College President Joe Aguillard and his supporters have been using the term “exonerated” every chance they get. The story from the Aguillard camp has been that a Calvinist take over was thwarted and Godly leadership maintained. The truth, however, is much darker.

Dr. Aguillard Eating a Worm as part of a Sermon.
Dr. Aguillard eating a worm as part of a sermon.

This blog has previously discussed Aguillard’s vindictive nature and his strict line on loyalty and his authority behind closed doors. But, today Aguillard made a news story out of something no source had previously reported on. In January of 2013, Dr Chuck Quarles filed a complaint with SACS about ethical concerns over Aguillard’s behavior. According to Quarles he “did so only after speaking to an official at SACS and receiving assurances that [his] complaint would not result in LC’s loss of accreditation.” As Quarles explains, “Many fine Christian educators whom I greatly respect serve at LC and I did not want my complaint to harm them in any way.” However, yesterday Louisiana College posted on their website a press release entitled “SACS Reaffirms Louisiana College: Denies Quarles Complaints” In the release, Aguillard claims that the accusations were false and compares himself to The Apostle Paul in Corinth when explaining how he will respond to the “false accusation.” Tommy French, Chairman of Louisiana College’s Board of Trustees, asserts, ” Our President, Dr. Joe Aguillard, has been vetted and completely exonerated. The facts have proved the absolute integrity of Louisiana College, the Board of Trustees and President Aguillard.”

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Nancy Pearcy: Polemics over Truth

Nancy Pearcey

Why the World doesn’t Trust Us Nancy Pearcey is a big name in evangelical circles. I loved her book Total Truth. And her newer book Saving Leonardo is in my pile of books to read, …

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Prisoners: Hinting at Grace

Movie poster from Prisoners

I’ve never been a huge movie guy. I enjoy them like everyone else but I wouldn’t consider myself a serious critic. Mostly, I see action films, with a real soft spot for Sci-Fi, and kids’ …

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The Danger of Duck Dynasty

The Duck Dynasty guys

I haven’t said much about the Duck Dynasty trend that has swept through America over the last couple of years. I know many good Christians who enjoy the show and are attracted to the principled …

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