The Most Selective Christian Colleges in the Nation

Wheaton College
Wheaton College
Wheaton College

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Student Selectivity is the final of the four categories that are calculated as a part of the overall Faith on View Christian College RankingsPrestige,  Student Satisfaction & Success, and Faculty Resources were previously published. Below is the methodological description of this category for most selective Christian colleges in the U.S. . For other aspects of the full study please consult the methodology page.

Student Selectivity

Student selectivity is an important part of ranking a college. But, student selectivity should be broadly understood. The pedagogical concern in this section is how bright, motivated, and prepared students are to pursue college level work not how many students are not admitted. As a result while the acceptance rate is a part of the calculation here, more important are standardized test scores and student success in high school.

There are five institutions that rank in the top 20 of all four categories: 

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Top 20 Christian Colleges in Faculty Resources

Union University

Faculty Resources is the third of the four categories that are calculated as a part of the overall Faith on View Christian College Rankings. Prestige and Student Satisfaction & Success were previously published.Below is the methodological description of this …

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Louisiana College: Outgoing Vice President Tim Johnson Writes Letter Against President Aguillard

tim-johnsonThe tragic Whistleblower controversy at Louisiana College has centered around two Vice Presidents, Tim Johnson and Chuck Quarles, who filed a complaint against President Aguillard. Both are currently still under contract with the College, for a few more days at least, and College policy prevents them from speaking to the press. However, the Town Talk has discovered a letter written by Tim Johnson to the board of Trustees where he continues his assertion that Dr. Aguillard has behaved unethically. Additionally, he alleges that Dr. Aguillard violated the Colleges Whistleblower policy in relation to him. Johnson also points out what I, and others, have been saying for months, Calvinism is not the issue it is a distraction.

Tim Johnson also points out that “It is tragic that the only avenue for reporting issues involving the President is a Whistleblower Policy.” There is significant irony here since employees at Louisiana College did not even know about the Whistleblower policy at LC. The faculty and staff were not notified about the policy when it was passed in 2009 and it was not included in the faculty handbook. As a result before Johnson and Quarles learned about the policy there was no recourse for informing the board about issues with the Presidents behavior which is why I had to resort to an open letter to the board.

One of the most ironic statements in Johnson’s letter is:

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The Most Prestigious Christian Colleges

Pepperdine University
Pepperdine University

I’ve been very pleased with the reception of the Faith on View Christian College Rankings. Several colleges have shared the findings and there have been almost 40,000 views on this site related to the rankings. I know for some sites that is peanuts but for this site that is some pretty good traffic.

There are four categories that go into the overall ranking score for “most prestigious Christian colleges” : Reputation; Student Success and Satisfaction; Faculty Resources; and Student Selectivity. I’ve planned for a while to post the leaders in each category but it fell into the cracks. I recently received an e-mail saying it would be great to sort the rankings by the separate categories. That is a bit of an arduous project and I am not sure how helpful it would be especially at the lower end of the rankings. But, I do think it would be helpful to list the top performers in each category. So, over the next few days I will be posting the top twenty in each category after which I will add those lists to the rankings page.

So here are the twenty top scoring schools when it comes to their reputation score:

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David Hankins, Joe Aguillard, and the Train Wreck Louisiana College has Become.

The problems at Louisiana College are well documented at this point and likely even more details will become known over the coming weeks. What, I believe, remains unclear for many is how did this all come about and how has it been allowed to go on for eight years?

The beginning was before my time at LC so I can only give my impressions. I took a position at Louisiana College because of the introduction of a conservative theological approach. Being a part of a movement that had returned a school from “liberalism” to “Biblical Christianity” was very appealing to me. What became obvious within a short period of  time was that many good people also got hurt in the transition. I think there were some changes that needed to be made but they seem to have been accomplished in an acrimonious rather than a loving way.

Dr. David Hankins

As I went about my work at Louisiana College, it quickly became apparent that the administration did not have the proper focus. There was one announcement after another about plans that sounded great to the public but left those working at LC wondering about the lack of support for the institution’s core academic programs and facilities. Further, the rapid turnover of the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) was troubling. There were three VPAA’s in the four years I worked at the college and there has already been another turnover in the two years since. To me personally, I was troubled by the consistent lies I was told in my numerous meetings with the President.

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Top Christian Colleges

Erskine College

I discovered that there were previously no rankings of Christian Colleges in the United States. As someone who is very interested  in Christian Higher Education, I saw this as a real gap. As a result, …

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Where is the Gospel in our Politics?

I know a guy who is a really nice college student. He is personable, gentle, and loving. However, like so many Christians today his political rhetoric seems devoid of the compassion he exhibits in his …

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