Teaching drawing

A drawing from the beginning of a semester compared to a drawing of the same still life by the same student from half way through the semester.

I’ve been teaching art in college for many years now. On the first day of class, I always tell students that the way they learn in an art class is very different from how they …

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It’s the Logos not the Word

Close-up of an open page of the Bible.

The comment below came across my Twitter and it struck me… but, not in a good way. “The Holy Spirit does not use movies. He uses whatever Scripture is in those movies. The film, itself, …

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Art in the Church

Graced With Light ribbon installation in Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.

This is, in my mind, a fantastic example of art in the Church. This cathedral is alive with art, and it’s not seen in just the permanent fixtures. I share these photos because I feel …

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There are artists in the church??!

The courtyard of an Emmanuel Baptist Church in Alexandria, LA.

To be honest, the title of this blog post pretty much describes how I feel being an artist within the evangelical church. In my experience, artists tend to live on the fringes of societal norms …

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This is how we pray today

Sadness Crying Cry Crying Man Sad Tears

The poem, some say, has been given to us for times when prose cannot express the heart. It’s an art form that has been used to elevate, to devastate, and to strike mood. It can …

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