An Evangelical addiction to strength

dumbbells on a rack in a gym

I wonder sometimes how much our religious focus as evangelicals relates to what we find in scripture. Certainly, at the heart of evangelicalism is the greek word euaggelion (good news) and as evangelicals, we strive to …

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Considering the idea of a biblical worldview

Earth from space

The concept of a Christian worldview is fundamentally simple, but its implications are profound. There are a modest number of foundational assumptions necessary to view the world from a Christian perspective. Beyond that the task …

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A Christian Democrat? Here’s why…

I have seen a couple of interesting posts on this subject on Facebook. One was an article entitled “Christian Democrat? ” on In All Things. The website is a Dordt College project, so the article has a very reformed …

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Why Jesus movies suck

a man with a beard and longer hair wearing a white tunic extends his hand with a hole in the palm toward the viewer

So why is it so hard to make a good Jesus movie? After all, the story of Jesus is the greatest story ever told. Why is it so hard to make a good story out …

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AI images create controversy for Hobby Lobby

A Hobby Lobby store front is seen lit up at night.

Customers and supporters of the Christian-owned arts and crafts store, Hobby Lobby, were left perplexed earlier this month due to AI-generated images circulating online. The images portrayed Hobby Lobby as selling statues depicting demonic figures, …

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