Belief and Prime Time: The theological undertones of ‘Sunday Dinner’

Norman Lear sits and speaks with his palms raised to his sides.

(OPINION) For decades, TV producer Norman Lear described himself as a
cultural Jew who didn’t practice any traditional form of faith. Over the
years, however, the television icon became more and more intrigued with
religious faith, both as a force in American life and as a topic ignored by

Exvangelical: Peeps just in time for Easter

Three rows of Peeps marshmallow treats are shown in pink, yellow, and blue.

In 1953, Russian immigrant Sam Born purchased the Rodda Candy Company and promptly replaced the handcrafted marshmallow chick line with the cold mechanization of mass production to make Peeps. What was once the work of …

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After the storm, opening our eyes

Arial View of Tornado Damage in Alabama

The sound of a train barreling over our bedroom woke us. “Do you hear that?” my wife and I asked each other simultaneously. Outside the window, the sky was illumined by lightning so frequent that …

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To those who knock

In this dusk long exposure image taken in De Queen, AK, several old buildings with brick facades sit on the side of a street with streaked headlights of cars on the roads.

It was May of 2014 and I was staying Memorial Day weekend at All Saints of America Orthodox Church in De Queen, AR. I woke up early Saturday morning to take a day trip. I …

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