Would Jesus unfriend them on Facebook?

Jesus is shown using a laptop

Would Jesus unfriend them on Facebook? What a silly fruitless question… maybe. Recently, I was challenged on the issue of love. I think this is good for us all to go through. It is so …

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Why I wrote American Prophet…

American Prophet book

American Prophet is a what-if story.   What if you had a dream that came true?  Or, what if you simply had a “word” you felt compelled to share?  It’s not a message you necessarily want to …

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The poverty of systematic theology

open bible with a red page marker

I come from a religious tradition that values Systematic Theology. And I have to admit, I like systematic theology. So why am I then writing about the poverty of systematic theology? A few years ago, …

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Loving “The Donald”

Trump speaking at a podium

I first wrote this reflection in 2015 and was concerned then about the evangelical embrace of hateful ideologies and rhetoric. Sadly, that embrace has only grown stronger. I am proud to see old essays like …

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Belief and Prime Time: The theological undertones of ‘Sunday Dinner’

Norman Lear sits and speaks with his palms raised to his sides.

(OPINION) For decades, TV producer Norman Lear described himself as a
cultural Jew who didn’t practice any traditional form of faith. Over the
years, however, the television icon became more and more intrigued with
religious faith, both as a force in American life and as a topic ignored by

If I could pick my pastor

A historic red brick church facade in Amsterdam with tile work and a rose window are seen close up from below with camear angled up.

If I could pick my pastor, I imagine they would be—compassionate, bold, and unapologetically challenging the status quo. Picture a shepherd for the marginalized, embodying the very essence of love and activism. A leader transcending …

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What’s love got to do with it?

A photo of the author, Heath Veuleman.

The following essay was written by Heath Veuleman. Over the last decade, I have gone through many things where the call to love others is a real challenge. Heath has also experienced challenges in this …

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