QAnon, extremism and radicalization- how to disengage

Photo of a Confederate protester

Conspiracy theories such as QAnon has gripped many Americans and can lead to extremism, radicalization and deep polarization. After the conspiracies’ promises fail, however, adherents may find themselves disillusioned, burnt out and seeking a way …

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Remembering when…. 9/11

**This is a blog post that I wrote on an old blog site which I no longer maintain. I didn’t want to lose this record and decided to copy it here.** A question that is …

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The BIG Problem with Political Correctness

Vaillancourt Fountain in Justin Herman Square in San Francisco

We seem to have a rather large problem with political correctness here in America. I mean, really, it’s gone completely overboard, become totally out of hand. It’s ridiculous, really. Political Correctness is for wimps. Or …

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My Magical Journey through The Arcanum

This article is reposted from Pamela-Reynoso.com. My Magical Journey through The Arcanum   Life is hard and often unforgiving. It’s filled with uncertainty and misgivings…but sometimes, magic happens. I began taking photography seriously as art and …

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Freedom Tower NYC life in it's shadow

Every year, when 9/11 arrives yet again, a whirl of emotions fill me and I begin to mentally prepare myself for the countless images of flaming towers and chaos. On September 11, 2001 I was watching  the TV dumbfounded as events unfolded just a few miles away. When the last tower dropped, I was suddenly plunged into a world of silence as the TV reception and cell service failed simultaneously. I began the long wait to hear from my husband who was attending class in Brooklyn that morning. The semester had just begun and I wasn’t sure when his classes began… and he frequented the area surrounding the World Trade Center (WTC).

Seeing the photos of the towers burning also brings back the incredible stench them burning for a month and the heavily armored military presence in the city that appeared over night, on every bridge, in every subway station and seemingly on every street corner.


There always in a “but”, isn’t there?

I could have chosen a path of fear or anger, but instead, I choose hope. (It’s often a daily choice.)  The profound effect on 9/11 on my life is very hard for me to articulate, almost impossible, but these photos help to show my perspective.

World Trade Center, NYC
World Trade Center, 1998

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