Earthquakes devastate Turkey and Syria and churches accompany victims

Two major earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, February 6, causing more than 5,000 deaths. Churches are intervening in the areas to shelter rescued people. 

Around 6,000 buildings were destroyed during the disasters, all with people inside. Weather conditions did not help these days, as frost made the work of rescuers more difficult.

Churches, hospitals, and schools serve as shelters in Northern Syria, and volunteer from different congregations. The Turkish government deployed approximately 25,000 officials to step up search and rescue.

A report by Premier Christian News says:

“Ibrahim Najjar, from the Christian charity Open Doors, is currently in Aleppo, Syria. He told Premier what people are experiencing on the ground: “The situation, especially in the north, is challenging. People are panicking, they have evacuated their homes, and they are on the streets, with children, babies, and the elderly. People can’t return to their homes because of the cracks and damage and are terrified.”


The World Health Organization predicted tens of thousands of deaths over the past few days. The ravages left by the earthquakes remain to this day and it is estimated that more of them will continue to be recorded. They occurred on February 6 with a magnitude of 7.8 in Turkey and 7.5 in Syria on the Richter scale.

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