New LC President Announced

Boss HogI’ve mentioned before that sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. With that in mind, I will share this fine bit of satire posted on Facebook:

LOUISIANA COLLEGE TRUSTEES MEET TO CONSIDER PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION (AP) The Board of Trustees at Louisiana College are meeting today to consider the nomination of Jefferson David Hogg as the next president of the Baptist institution. Hogg has previous experience as a county administrator and owner of the Boar’s Nest Casino and Bar. LC Board Chair Tommy French said,”Everyone else turned us down, but Hogg said that with him on board it would be like nothing had changed.” In response to our queries, Hogg’s office released the following statement:

“What LC needs is a president that knows that cows are for eatin’ and worms are for fishin’. I promise to keep them Du . . I mean Calvinist boys in line. My boys Cletus and Roscoe are looking forward to regulatin’ prayin’ students with fine law enforcement like Dwayne Rogers.”

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  • This is funny. What’s not funny is that yesterday, Tim Johnson got his reward for his selective whistleblowing efforts. He sure can utterly fail to blow the whistle on his child abusing father-in-law (which was covered in the New Orleans Times Picayune recently):


    but when it comes to blowing the whistle to slide into the LC president’s job (which he failed at), he’s willing to accept seconf best, kindly handed to him by his friend Rodney Alexander:


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