Louisiana College Executive Committee looks to extend Joe Aguillard’s contract

David Hankins laying handson Joe Aguillard
David Hankins laying hands on Joe Aguillard

I heard this from several sources last week but Chairman of the Louisiana College Board of Trustees Tommy French spoke directly to the Town Talk on the issue of Aguillard’s contract. According to French the Executive Commitee is looking to extend Aguillard’s contract. When commenting about the committee’s discussions French said, ““But I saw no opposition. There were not any negative points there to say we would not renew because we think he’s done a good job.” French also did not expect money to be an issue. Saying of Aguillard, “He doesn’t work for money, he works for the Lord.” That said, in 2012 (the most recent numbers available) Aguillard was paid $216,556. According to Chris Gherz, Chair of the History Department at Bethel University, on his blog the Pietist Schoolman Aguillard’s pay was 7th highest among Council of Christian Colleges and University schools and 79th highest among the 500 schools in the study, when compared against the schools budget.

The real story here though isn’t Aguillard’s salary. It is that despite the constant controversy surrounding Aguillard, including last weeks information that Aguillard seems to have helped cover up his former personal assistant Joseph Cole’s illegal activities, the board still has absolutley no qualms about his leadership. Sex scandals, misappropriation of funds, forged documents, intimidation of faculty and students, restraining orders against the college, confirmation from both an independent law firm and SACS that there was merit to the whistleblower complaints, losing the largest donor in College history…nothing seems to dissuade the board’s messianic support of Aguillard.

What will it take for Louisiana Baptists to speak up and correct the dire situation at LC? Or will they? Clearly, the Board will not do what is right on their own.


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