In memory of Mom

Cruz and Jeannene Reynoso are shown in this portrait taken in 2000 when Cruz was awarded the Hispanic Heritage Medal.

It has now been over 16 years since my Mom passed. Additionally, my father has now passed and the family home has been sold out of the family. I still miss Mom. I still get …

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Remembering who I am

When I was growing up, whenever I would go on a trip without the family my father would turn to me just before I left and say, “Remember who you are.” As my own children …

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On heirs and spares…

Image shows gold finials on black wrought iron fence with a castle like building with two towers blurred in the distance.

In his newly-released book, Spare, Harry, Duke of Sussex, has made public much of his grief and disappointment in his relationships with his family. He shares his struggles from the tragic and very public loss …

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The perspective that informs my gratitude

male and female wood cut outs sit on a wooden 'bench' holding hands with a sign above saying Helen and Roy, the Loyd's

The girth of our gratitude is proportionate to the depth of our perspective. This truth was once again made apparent as I visited with my 87-year-old mother, prior to this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. It has …

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Family credits prayer for son’s recovery

The mother of a Little League Baseball player left comatose after a skull fracture feels grateful for each miracle she’s witnessed as her son gradually recovers. Easton Oliverson, nicknamed “Tank,” plays for Utah’s Snow Canyon …

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