Transformers, Less than Meets the Eye

I have a real fond spot for Transformers. As a kid, I watched the Transformers show every day after school and the first movie I ever saw without my parents was the 1986 animated film …

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The Wind Rises: A beautiful lie

Movie poster for The Wind Rises

Hayao Miyazaki is a major name, maybe the major name, in Anime, Japanese Animation. The Wind Rises  is his eleventh film and reported to be his last film. It is a beautifully animated piece with a …

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The Son of God: Is the message clear?

Movie poster of Son of God

Turning scripture into a movie is always hard. If you change things too much, people get upset and if you don’t change anything it feels wooden. There really is no way to make people happy. …

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Nebraska: The Power of Grace

Movie poster for Nebraska

This is my third movie review and I have enjoyed the process so far. I think it is helpful to think about movies in a more philosophical and theological light. However, people have asked me …

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Prisoners: Hinting at Grace

Movie poster from Prisoners

I’ve never been a huge movie guy. I enjoy them like everyone else but I wouldn’t consider myself a serious critic. Mostly, I see action films, with a real soft spot for Sci-Fi, and kids’ …

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