What is Creationism?

Radiant divine hand creating

Creationism in the most general sense is the belief that the universe and everything in it originated with God. In this sense, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other believers in a Creator God are creationists. This …

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What is the Big Bang?

Image shows a colorful cloud of gases such as often depict outer space.

Introduction The Big Bang theory was a groundbreaking scientific advancement of the 20th century that has transformed our knowledge of the cosmos. Since it became known to the scientific community in the 1930s, it has …

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What is Evolution?

The illustration of the evolution of man is shown.

The theory of evolution made popular by the naturalist, Charles Darwin, emerged in the 19th century. Erasmus Darwin, Charles’ grandfather was also a naturalist and inchoately conceived of the theory as early as the 18th …

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What is life?

A pile of Scrabble tiles are face down with only the letters LIFE turned over.

We all have at least one thing, if not many, in common: we are both living. To exist can be overwhelming, especially because no one in the history of humanity has ever chosen to be …

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