What is Evil?


Evil is an enduring enigma that has captivated human minds throughout the ages. It is a concept that exists in various forms across cultures and religions. Because it is a multifaceted concept that varies according …

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What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

Art work depicting the Seven Deadly Sins

Sin is a varied and intricate concept within the Christian faith. In Hebrew, the word we know of as “sin” is translated from “chattâ’âh.” “Chattâ’âh” means “offense” and usually also includes that offense’s accompanying penalty. …

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What is sin?

The painting "The Orgy"

Popular misconceptions The saying “Everything I like is either immoral, illegal, or fattening!” is humorous but theologically incorrect. Do you like to hurt people (immoral), steal things (illegal), or eat way too much junk food? …

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