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Texas ministry uses ‘miracle’ tool to clean water, making global impact

The Bucket Ministry, located near Houston, Texas, is sharing God’s love by giving access to clean and safe drinking water to people in different parts of the world. In ten years, the ministry has already distributed 250,000 filters in 30 countries to ensure people can drink clean water. The Bucket Ministry began after its founder Chris Beth wanted to make a difference in places where clean drinking water is not available. He found a solution to this problem when he found a filter at a camping supply store in Dallas that utilizes the same technology used for kidney dialysis to get rid of harmful bacteria from unclean water.

CBN News reports:

According to the World Health Organization, 771 million people worldwide cannot get safe drinking water. That has led to a variety of diseases especially in undeveloped countries. The Bucket Ministry near Houston, TX is working to change those numbers. The ministry’s mission of sharing the love of God through providing the gift of safe, clean drinking water is well underway in places like North America, South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa.

“We have distributed filters in almost 30 countries now,” The Bucket Ministry founder Chris Beth told CBN News. “We actively work in about 12 countries.”

While accompanying his daughter on a missions’ trip to the Brazilian Amazon in 2012, Beth, a successful businessman, saw what it meant to not have access to clean water after a local host asked if he was thirsty.

“I expected her to go into a refrigerator and get a bottle of water,” said Beth. “But what she did in turn was she went out onto this little plank on this house, bent down with two cups, they were irregular, they were mix matched and cracked and she filled these two cups up with river water.”

Beth said he was shocked by what he saw and says what happened next was something he never imagined.

“I’d never been in the business of hearing God’s voice,” he explained. “In fact, I thought when people said ‘God told me,’ I thought, ‘Oh boy.’ And so, I heard something, and I heard two words and He clearly said, ‘Help them.'”

Beth began searching for a way to help as soon as he returned home.

He found the answer at a Dallas camping supply store where he saw a filter that uses the same technology as kidney dialysis that could be used to remove harmful bacteria from dirty water.

“It attaches to any bucket or receptacle,” Beth explained during a demonstration using dirty lake water. “The filter is capturing all the dirt, the debris, the parasites, everything that’s making people sick from drinking unclean surface water.”

Equipped with filters, The Bucket Ministry was born as Beth returned to Brazil, supplying communities with clean, safe drinking water.

“In the last 10 years we’ve probably distributed in excess of 250,000. So, we’ve helped 250,000 families. Just last year alone we distributed about 35,000,” said Beth.

Read the full article here.

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