Is America hostile to the Christian faith? (Poll)

The idea that America is increasingly hostile to the Christian faith is a common one in evangelical circles.

I saw someone post the following on one of the social media groups I am in:

“The world is more hostile to Christian faith than it has been in our lifetime. It presents us with a challenge: Either shut up and go home or stand up and be counted. Apologetics rightly pursued can give us tools that make the latter choice more viable.”

The post went on but that is the part that struck me. Honestly, I don’t feel persecuted as many evangelicals do. There is definitely a cultural shift. But, that is different than hostility. Christianity is no longer the cultural assumption in America. As Christians, we have had a privileged position as the default religion. As that changes, it changes our positioning.  But that loss of privilege is not the same as hostility. It simply means that we have to think of others… which we honestly should have been doing all along.


**We’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Please share your opinion below after taking the poll.**


Do you believe America is more hostile to the Christian faith than it has ever been in your lifetime?



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