Strong Arm Tactics Continued by the Louisiana College Administration

CLA-CThe national eye is closing in on Louisiana College . The behavior that had previously only concerned those within the state has begun to interest the broader Christian community. As the students come closer to their strike tomorrow the LC administration is finalizing the strategy which they will employ tomorrow. It seems that the school will allow silent prayer but will crack down very hard if any student “give[s] speeches or promote[s] a strike in any other way.”

This is from one of the RA’s after a meeting with Dr. Aguillard tonight.

Update on the student-led strike. (I am merely passing along information, so please do not start an argument in the comments section.) As per Dr. Aguillard and Coach Matchett in our ResLife meeting tonight, students who merely gather peaceably to pray in Guinn tomorrow will not be subject to any disciplinary action. Students who give speeches or promote a strike in any other way, however, will be subject. Now you know and can plan accordingly. Edit: Please keep in mind that as students of a private institution, we do not possess free speech in regards to statements against the college or its administration. (This is perfectly normal, so please don’t rant about it.) The consequences of participating in a strike against the college could include expulsion or the denial of your degree. Please be aware of this fact and consider it long and hard before taking any action.

Second Edit: The media will obviously portray all students in attendance as protesters,so it you don’t want that to happen, you should probably pray in a different location.

Technically, the administration is correct. While students are free to say whatever they want they are not constitutionally protected from the repercussions. But, I cannot imagine anything that goes more against the ethos that an educational institution should foster than to so vehemently deny students their freedom of speech. This seems like such a clear example of being correct but proving the point of those who are critical of the administration.

The administration is making clear that they will squash any protest. With that in mind, it becomes even more important those who protest make sure to protest with the mind of Christ. Guard your behavior. I wish I could be there with you but I will be with you in spirit from California. LC has decided to keep media off-campus so there will be no direct coverage. Please at all times give the administration no cause to crack down on you.

For those who will be praying at LC and around the country a member of the Facebook group LC Alumni & Friends prepared a prayer guide for tomorrow. This may be a helpful guide to use as you seek to honor God and restore LC through your prayers.

Prayer Guide



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