Open Letter to Louisiana College Students

From www.thechristianleftblog.comDear Louisiana College Students,

I respect so much that you are standing against the powers who have damaged your college experience and are risking the future of the institution you chose to be a defining element in your life. I applaud that you are willing to stand for what you believe to be right. As board member Jay Adkins recently tweeted, “Stand Firm! They’re coming for some of us too. Do what is right & no matter what you’ll be able to sleep at night.”

The powers that are hurting Louisiana College have left a long trail of board members, administrators, faculty, staff, and students who have been harmed. Finally, after years of people refusing to recognize the truth or being too scared to speak, the wall of silence is beginning to crumble. The bravery of you LC students has inspired faculty and the community.

Aguillard is scared. Individual faculty and board members can be defamed and lies told about them. But, the student body is a different story. He can’t defame the entire student body and even if he did there would be no more Louisiana College.

We all know that when Dr. Aguillard pointed out in the Question & Answer session on Thursday that he had a video of students that was a veiled threat. We know that it was also a threat when the Administrative Council posted a notice to students which said in part, ” please be reminded that under some circumstances, severe sanctions such as suspension, denial of a degree, or expulsion from the College may be imposed upon the first violation of the Code.” When they require that you sign off on that statement before you can register for next semester it is pure intimidation. There is history behind this kind of threat. Please do not take it lightly. In the past, Aguillard has withheld degrees requiring students to take the college to court to graduate. There will be attempts to intimidate. The Pineville police have already been called by campus security to be ready to intervene on Monday. Fortunately, more sensible heads prevail in Pineville off-campus.

As someone who has fought the giant and lived to blog about it, let me share a few thoughts.

This is not about you.

It is not about me.

It is not about Dr. Aguillard.

It is not about LC.

It is about Christ.

The behavior about which we are all so concerned takes the Lord’s name in vain. Ultimately, that is what needs to stop. When LC is mismanaged and evil prospers a world that needs Christ looks on and says, “Why would I want that?” The buildings and quality of education at LC are important in large part because as they are now, they defame our Lord.

Remember when you sit down to pray in front of Guinn Auditorium on Monday morning that this strike is about the name of Christ. So protest. Stand for truth. Be a sign to a watching world that the Body of Christ does not condone the behavior that LC has become known for. But, behave how Christ would have you behave. Do not cut off the ear of the Temple Guard. Turn the other cheek. Give no reason for the College to back any of its threats. Your prayerful presence is enough. Our call is for faithfulness. Be faithful and behave in a Christ-honoring manner. As Jay Adkins wrote, “Do what is right & no matter what you’ll be able to sleep at night.”

In Christ,

Rondall Reynoso



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  • Let me remind those students, as an alum that during the Civil Rights Movement it was the student organizations through SNCC and CORE that really propelled the movement to its real success. Those young people who rode buses, sat at lunch counters, and marched for thier rights as human beings. They endured beatings, jail, job loss, you name it but they stood for truth and what was right.

    Stand for what is right and don’t give up. God is in control and he will see you through this.

    Lauren Bristow

  • Great letter and good advice to the students. I hope they take it to heart and remain strong. It seems Louisiana Baptists are not willing to correct the problem so I am glad to see the students take action. I encourage all who care about LC to pray and join the students tomorrow.

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