Trump: We need to repent

donald trumpThe video below made me think about the experience of my 7-year-old daughter. She attends a school with a very high percentage of minority students including Hispanics. From talking to her friends, she thought that she would have to move to Mexico if Trump is elected. She is after all 1/4 Mexican. I had to explain to her that while I think Trump’s ideas on this are terrible she would not be deported. But, the reality is that this likely would affect some of her classmates. It is sad to me that fear generated in the presidential race is bleeding into the 2nd grade so that it is a point of discussion on the playground.
I do think that at least some of this is a reaction to the Presidency of Barack Obama. In eight years, the national conversation has degenerated from ‘Hope and Change’ to ‘Fear of Change.’ For me, the success that Trump has had politically is the scariest political anything in my life. There is something far worse to me about this than the last few years of the Cold War, which I remember from my youth, because this is a danger coming from inside our borders and embraced by so many of our people.
Even worse is that so many Christians are flocking to Trump’s hate rhetoric. I know several evangelical leaders and pastors are trying to argue that it is nominal Christians who don’t attend church who are supporting Trump. That is a patent denial of reality. There are of course big name evangelical leaders who are supporting Trump. Anecdotally, I have Facebook friends who are regular Church attenders who are supporting Trump.
Trump represents a failure of our nation and of the Church. His hate insights violence. While Trump claims to have no need to repent, his popularity is a clear indicator that as a nation and as a Church we do.

Trump’s Bigotry Hits KidsDonald J. Trump’s racist and violent rhetoric is having an effect on children.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Sunday, March 13, 2016

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