Defending Christian Nationalism

The chorus of Christian voices condemning Christian Nationalism has shown an unusual harmony across various denominational and theological commitments over the last few months. That chorus has reached a crescendo since the events of January …

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The Spiritual Discipline of Humor?

Laughter can be a spiritual discipline — at least, so argues Jonathan Trotter in Relevant Magazine. His essay does not advocate a blind nor ignorant happiness, but happiness rooted in the Joy of Christ. Trotter …

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Clergy speak out about mental illness, healing

Studies from the Schaeffer Institute say that 70 percent of pastors fight depression. Episcopal Bishop Robert Hirschfeld is one of those pastors, and he spent many years hiding his mental health struggles. Recently, however, in …

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Most Megachurches are now Multiracial

American megachurches have become more diverse over the last 20 years, with 58 percent of megachurches now qualifying as multiracial. The majority of congregants — 72 percent — are still white, though that percentage is …

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