Yes Language Evolves, But…

Spine of a red dictionary with a pencil next to it.

I think everyone on Facebook has a few grammar nerds who regularly post about things like the Oxford Comma or rant about the improper use of the word “literally.” While I’m not aggressive about these …

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Louisiana College Announces a Bold New Initiative!

Film still from the Green Acres TV show

The Oliver Wendell Douglas Tanzanian School of Law, Film, and Custom Tailoring will open this summer. This thrilling initiative is primarily funded by a $10,000,000.00 gift from Jane Hathaway, long-time secretary of banking mogul Milburn …

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Google Thyself

Google logo

As an artist and academic, there is a benefit to the extremely narcissistic activity of Googling myself.  I want my images and thoughts to be getting out there and there is no better way of discovering if …

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