I have no Words, Ruminating on the Tragedy in Boston

It seems like every blog I follow has written, over the last two days, something about the tragedy in Boston. I think there are good and important things to say. No doubt there are issues of media coverage and so many other things. But, I have no words to speak to these things. All I can say is that my heart breaks for the people of Boston, those who were injured, and those who lost loved ones.

I was in Graduate School in Brooklyn when 9/11 occurred.  It was a devastating time. So many artists responded to the tragedy by producing art work about the pain and the events. I never did. What I do artistically somehow seemed incapable of dealing with all that that day entailed. I collected source materials, newspapers and magazines, that I have kept in my studio for the last 12 years thinking that at some point is may feel appropriate. But, for me and my artwork it has yet to feel right. I feel somewhat the same way about Boston and blogging. I have a daughter that turned eight on Monday. As we celebrated her birthday, we did not tell her of the tragedy in Boston or how another eight year old had lost his life. She knows now. But, on Monday I did not have the words.

I have no profound insights to share. No political, theological, or artistic points to make. I don’t have the words. My heart aches. God knows the cry of my heart as he does of those in Boston and around the country that were affected by this tragedy. My heart weeps for their pain, their loss. I pray for their comfort and healing at such a difficult time.

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  • Happy birthday to your daughter!

    As a man with no children, I can’t even begin to imagine what goes through your mind hearing about children your daughter’s age having their life ended in such a mindless and cowardice manner like that. My thoughts are with you and all of my other friends and family with children, as they are were when Newtown happened.

    When these things happen, it ignites a deep rage within me. Children are the most innocent and open hearted people I’ve ever met. They haven’t been corrupted by hate or bigotry or stubbornness that many of us grow up into being. I absolutely hate with all of my heart and soul, people that harm children in any manner. Whether it’s a molester or terrorist or an emotionally abusive alcoholic parent, these people aren’t worth the carbon dioxide they exhale.

    And to attack completely innocent civilians, whether it’s a bomb at a public event or train or whatever, or a drone strike from 20,000 feet in the air, is an act of just complete chicken shitness. Forgive my language, but it’s the only phrase I feel suits these acts of violence.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

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